Twelve Months to Midnight

Do You Know the Enemy?

Overthrow the Effigy

The group arrived at the CDC office in Hartford and met Dr. Pearson. They asked some questions that weren’t really answered directly; some would believe this to be a form of government conspiracy at work.

Upon being transported to the actual field labs, the bus was attacked by two vans full of armed men. After a brief firefight, one called over a bullhorn to cease fire. He stepped forward and was identified over his radio as “Alpha.” He mentioned a riot at Bushnell Park and a fake bomb threat at a hospital, which could have been inferred as acknowledgment that he was part of their causes (hence no police response to the attack). He encouraged the group to join him and his men, vaguely stating that there was more than meets the eye to their CDC visit, and that if they desired truth and safety, they should follow him. The group was split on this decision, Zeus solved the problem by way of a tazer, the bus driver solved it more by shooting the downed man in the back…he survived and was brought to the field labs.

Some tests were run and results are not in yet. Everyone had blood drawn and everyone was put out for passive and active brain scanning. More questions were asked and more or less dodged. Viktor said “hello” and introduced himself many times. Everyone went home, or somewhere like it.

The next day, anyone in or around Hartford might have caught a newspaper article about what happened. No one in the party was mentioned by name, but witnesses nearby did describe hearing a guitar and the actions of the busdriver. Additionally, there was brief mention of a captured EGF agent, however no official comment was made by the government as to the man’s status within any organization. Witnesses again described that all the attackers seemed to be wearing the same style and color of jacket, and the party was lucky enough to see a logo emblazoned on the prisoner’s, which looked like ___ (I don’t know, what did you guys think it looked like?)

Over the next week, the national newsmedia started taking notice of the event, as it became linked to two similar events that had been reported locally but had not received any widespread attention.

10/6, Spokane WA: a van heading to a local hospital for tests disappeared. The driver and its 7 occupants have not been found; the van has since been located but no sign of any struggle was found. There were no armed guards aboard.

11/24, Pittsburgh PA: a similar attack was launched on a CDC van. This time, the attackers were scared off and ran early on. No casualties, and none of the people being tested have reported feeling in any continued danger related to the attack. Eyewitnesses (both on the van and bystanders) also reported noticing that all their attackers seemed to be wearing a uniform of sorts.

The FBI is investigating, and has since responded to the public outcry for information about the (now captured) uniforms by stating “it’s a somewhat popular logo…effectively, it’d be like saying all the attackers were wearing Yankee hats; that might be interesting to someone, but it’s not a solid enough lead to go on. The jackets might be some sort of gang affiliation or they might not be. We don’t want to release what it is and see a witch hunt for everyone wearing it.” Witnesses have described it as a torch, the head of the statue of liberty, and a mountain range. What do YOU think it was?

Oh and good news! You get your results back in the mail (wherever your mail is sent) on 12/27. In essence, the letter congratulates you and says that everything seems pretty normal, and hopefully you won’t be hearing from the CDC again. Your now updated and very complete data will be kept on file just in case anything changes so you won’t be inconvenienced again. They apologize for what happened on your test day and “because you’ve helped keep us informed, let us help keep you informed! Please enjoy our gift of a free one year subscription to the NY Times!”

character points: 129


I thought you described it as a sunburst logo. I kinda assumed it looked like this & you’d been spending too much time playing WoW.

Do You Know the Enemy?

i don’t think i used any words to describe it. i would be happy to show the sketch again. however a sunburst is a valid way to describe it. and no, no wow influence, although i see the resemblance.

Do You Know the Enemy?

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