Twelve Months to Midnight

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2/16/12 More children are aging and dying everyday, in an area that is slowly spreading beyond the northeast United States. Pockets are bubbling up as far away as London, apparently carried via international flight. Vivian has figured out that, at the very least, once a person has contracted the strange aging virus thing and has been a carrier, the foreign bodies die and the person appears to be immune. So if the children of the world could be cured – or incinerated – it seems as though the illness would die with them, as many adults have already carried and developed antibodies. Governing bodies come to a similar conclusion, minus incineration. Still, a cure is not within reach.

Rey has moved in with his new buddy, Zakhar.

The supernova is starting to die down. It get’s decently dark at night now. Still, no official body has announced what star exploded. Independent scientists are suggesting that there was never a start there to begin with. At first, reports are abruptly redacted without explanation – conspiracy theorists believe the scientists are being forcibly silenced (by whom?) – but over time, the theory never picks up much steam (the people have dying children to be concerned with), and the initial reports are republicized and, in general, ignored.

Zeus heard back from his contact about the decrypted hard drive. He learned a bunch of stuff. Based on this information, the team departed for Toronto to track down Magnus, but not before calling up Breanne, who was back in Germany taking care of “personal business.” She agreed to meet them in Toronto, even paid for their plane tickets. Vivian’s flight from NY featured an old friend – Lineas was apparently tagging along.

2/18/12 Everyone met up in the airport and listened to Rush. At this point in time, Viktor solved the mystery of Magnus’ notes which read “Why? Why, Zed?” realizing that it was not a question being posed to a man named Zed, but in fact a reference to the Rush hit “YYZ,” which in turn is a reference to Toronto’s airport call letters.

They moved to the location of the coffee shop and asked the barista to meet the building owner and/or manager, who was not available even by phone. Lineas flashed his FBI badge to try to storm in, but was promptly taken out by Zeus and put on security detail. Some snooping around the back located what appeared to be a secret entrance, although this time the security code did not work. The lock was picked, the team entered, and was met at gunpoint. Magnus took his niece aside to speak privately and sent the others downstairs to the prison cells.

Magnus came down to talk things out, but first wished to check behind everyone’s ears to see if they had been tagged by EGF. He foolishly chose Rey, who decided to grapple with him while being surrounded by armed scientists. They fired at him, landed a few slugs. Meanwhile, a stray bullet unlocked Viktor’s cage, and he pulled a sword out from a secret compartment in his guitar. As he lunged to Rey’s defense, the bleeding wrestler managed to disarm Magnus, who found himself simultaneously with a gun at his head and a sword at his neck. The Mexican standoff, appropriately started by the Mexican ex-pat, was diffused and everyone talked it out.

Magnus acknowledged that he was afraid the team had been marked by EGF as potential weapons. Based on his abandoned research at the HGP, he believed that human DNA could be altered / enhanced to make true biological weapons like nothing ever seen before…he just didn’t know how exactly, and was afraid that EGF did. The Everymen’s goal was essentially the same as the team – to save Earth. The team offered to allow themselves to be studied in order to advance the Everymen’s research, if they would be let go and be free to continue their own way of solving Earth’s problems. Rey and Viktor took jobs as Boston security agents, having proven their worth. Vivian was allowed access to the labs to assist in creating a cure for the aging virus.

2/23/12 The team decided that between Texas’ research and Sash’s personal knowledge, they might be able to located some of the Living Artifacts needed to fight off the Fraal. Sash, eventually having been convinced that the Everymen might be a safe place to turn, contacted them through a video, explaining that he was EGF and wanted to turn himself in, because he too was on Earth’s side. His son had caught the aging virus, and needed to be cured. He would be willing to answer all questions about his people and aid the resistance against them if Zakhar could be healed. After some deliberation, the Everymen agreed to invite Sash and Zakhar to their monthly meeting, to be held in Boston this month.

The Everymen called in the team as security, thinking that the event could be an ambush. Meanwhile, Sash asked the team to watch his back, suspecting the Everymen of an ambush attempt.

2/26/12 Sash came in and met with the Everymen, answering questions politely, and setting a tone for a good relationship. Zakhar was enroute, separately, so as not to infect his father. Also, Sash wanted to make sure he trusted the Everymen before allowing his son to be captured for a second time. Zakhar eventually joined them and the scientists started running tests on him with Vivi.

This is when things got hazy. Everyone remembers things getting kinda blurry, then blacking out. According to Sandra’s hypno-therapy (thanks to Viktor) and the hacked traffic camera footage, it seems that the entire team blacked out and started attacking anyone and everyone in the EE lair. The scientists ran screaming into the street, and were chased by the team, who were soon joined by two other men – appearing to be, well, let’s just call them the Elves. As the bloodshed began to spread to the street, more people got involved. Innocent bystanders were shot, stabbed, otherwise harmed…of interest, fireballs were launched. Cars exploded, some buildings received structural damage.

Of note: When the party came to, no one remembered anything. No survivors in the area around them seemed to recognize them, although they were in significant shock. While the traffic cameras did show the team progressing through the streets, no camera functioned while the team was near it. Whenever the team came within a certain radius of any camera, it went out, and came back online as they moved farther away. For this reason, it is not easy to see who launched the fireballs, if any other extraordinary things happened…and it would be near impossible to tell their faces from the footage.

Also of note: Zeus called his uncle upon waking, and found that these attacks had occurred elsewhere. Similar occurrences of random, strange violence occurred in a number of cities across the country.

Meeting back at the EE lair, the team searched for survivors: a few dead low level scientists, no signs of any of the head scientists, or of the friendly Elves. The security room had been ravaged, but Sandra thought she could salvage some of the footage from inside, and the team is waiting on the results.

Not knowing whether they are fugitives of the law, wanted dead by the Everymen or the Alimovs, or some combination thereof, the team split ways: Rey and Viktor returning to the bunkers to find the Alimovs, Vivi and Zeus traveling to NY to check the Manhattan Everymen lair, and Sandra – I think? – following Rey and Viktor.

Sandra is going to try to hack the police mainframe to see if they’ve got anything on the party, and she is also interested in making contact with anyone else who was involved in the attacks in other cities, thinking that maybe they, too, are being used as puppets by the Fraal and would join forces with the team.

points: despite what i wrote in my email, everyone is at 160 now. some of you picked up a bonus for figuring out my plot ahead of time. some of you got points for doing basic OP characters, some of you got more for having more filled out ones. some of you got points just for being milf of the year. please add to the 160 whatever you’ve gotten through training.



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