Twelve Months to Midnight

It's Called a Changeover

The game goes on, and nobody in the party has any idea.

(1/14/12) Leaving the Boston warehouse, the team heard a voice around the corner, in the parking lot, sounded like it was a man on a cellphone. He said something to the effect of, “New York? No, I – what?! Shit. Ok, call the others. Tell them I’m here now – if they don’t hear back from me soon, bring heat.” The team decided not to be confrontational and escaped to their vehicles and ran. It was time for Viktor to get his answers.

Except Alimov wasn’t there.

Viktor skillfully picked the lock, and they descended into his bunker. There was no sign of struggle, just a quick getaway with no clues as to his whereabouts (even his computer, hacked by Sandra, yielded no information, however it was understood that he was trying to keep a low profile). The brothers, at first thinking that perhaps the team was taking them into the middle of the woods to torture them, decided that this fit their father’s personality quite well. He had ran away from them. As they told it, Olexandr never wanted kids, or any sort of family commitment, and while he loved them very much, the prospect of having to live in seclusion (now that he’d abandoned his people) and protect them might have been too much responsibility for the free bird to handle. Zeus wanted nothing to do with more Russians staying with him (even though he had no Russians living with him to begin with, the brothers and Viktor were quick to point out), and so the brothers stayed in the bunker under Rey’s watchful eye until they could find their father.

Viktor and Zeus returned home and made out a little. Viktor moved out, and turned out he had a place waiting for him next door. In a strange turn of events, the two buildings (which share an owner) had been neglected quite a bit over the years, and during a February downpour

The brothers made use of the hacked computer and decided that one of his outgoing emails might have been addressed to their mother, and put themselves into contact with her. Timur, wanting to get away from a possibly contagious Zakhar, left to find his father.

Speaking of contagions – as time passed, young children in the northeast United States began falling ill. They seemed to be aging. Not growing up and physically maturing, but decaying. It was not a terribly fast process in most, but it was noticeable (crows feet, arthritis, graying and balding hair, memory loss, etc). The symptoms, like the real aging process, was different for everyone. The youngest and weakest died quickly. Zakhar appeared to be affected, as was Sandra’s son, Peter. Doctors found no cure, but were certain that this was NOT progeria – this did not appear to be a disease, but a viral infection (cases were found to be radiating out of central points of New York City, Boston, and Stamford). With doctors at a loss, the need for large scale testing and experimentation was recognized, and so the government set up treatment centers to study large quantities of children for prolonged periods of time, even going so far as to run van services through major cities to pick up children who wanted to be studied (in a state of national emergency, parental consent has been waived) or whose parents wanted their children to be saved. Anyone in the camps would be given first treatment of any possible cures. Sandra denied subjecting her son to a government she did not trust, instead opting to utilize the lesser expertise of Vivian, who was able to determine that her son’s blood contained a sample similar to that within their own blood. It seemed that the aging virus had been released by the team.

Meanwhile, widespread panic and hysteria is mounting. Legions of insane doomspeakers, endtime christians, hippy environmentalists, etc are all amassing in great numbers to give their contradictory opinions and advice on matters.

(2/15/12) In the midst of all this confusion, Olexandr and Timur returned to the bunker. The team assembled and listened to Olexandr’s interesting history lesson, and tried to devise a plan to save the planet (or in Sandra’s case, just to save her son). In the middle of the confusion, in burst Inna, revealed to be Olexandr’s wife, furious with him for leaving her and for leaving her sons, but eventually acknowledging that she missed him and was happy he was safe, and that they could be together.

The team left themselves unsure of what to do, Olexandr says he has been working on a plan, but needs some time to think. For the mean time, he has offered them the use of adjacent bunkers (he’s been saving his money on this planet for over a hundred years) as a sort of makeshift headquarters. It’s secluded and secure in case of emergency.

He currently owns three large, suite style bunkers. One will be occupied by himself, his wife, and Timur. One he suggests be occupied by Sandra and Vivian. A third he has given to Zakhar, Rey, Zeus, and Viktor – it seems that the latter three are immune to whatever this virus is. No one is obligated to do this, however he is keeping tabs on things and fully expects to be paid back rent in the event that they save the world, at a rate of $900 per person per month. If anyone wants to bring their friends or family along, they are expected to pay up as well.

Character points: 149, George 150



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