Twelve Months to Midnight

When It All Goes to Hell

Will you be able to tell me you're sorry with a straight face?

The group was emailed by Olexandr Alimov, whose wearabouts could not be traced. (1/7/12) He asked them to meet him in an apocalpytic bomb shelter where he appeared to live. He explained that he and the party each had problems that they could help each other with. He claimed to be a former EGF agent, prematurely retiring to save his sons, Timur and Zakhar. They had been kidnapped by a group of people who seemed to be the same as the one who atached the CDC van.

The team would help him because he showed that they had been branded with the “Mark of the Initiate,” a small mark surgically engraved into the backs of their right ears. Not easily visible, it would serve as a marker to those who knew what it meant. He told the party that he would ensure they would be turned in and imprisoned if they did not comply. He sent them to NYC to meet his contact there, who had a lead.

The team had earlier also received an email from Breanne Kopfschuss. She apologized for not being there sooner, but she’s been experiencing some personal issues at home, and said that she would be waiting for them at the meeting. Didn’t make much sense since they’d never heard of her. Soon after, they were approached by FBI agent Canard Lineas, who explained that he was working with Breanne, and apologized for not being able to visit them sooner, but he had been experiencing some professional issues. Sara found that the email came from Berlin.

(1/9/12) The team met with Breanne. She explained that she was the neice of missing scientist Edward Magnus and that she was in the United States to reopen his case. Eventually the team realized that she was not in the country on official business, but was privately and unnofficially opening the case (explaining her use of a personal email for contact purposes). Lineas was not around for comment.

Breanne explained that her uncle’s work and disappearance may, in some way, be linked to their being contacted and attacked at the CDC, although she offered no hard evidence to support this theory.

After the meeting, a man covered in BBQ sause ran by. Rey was convinved it was a Zombie. Vivian tried to stop the man, in effect only distracting him long enough to get hit by a car and die.

The party left Breanne without making any promises to help her find her uncle.

Character points: 133



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