Isaiah Pearson

director of the Hartford CT branch of the CDC. captain in the us army


kinda tall, built strong. army strong.


Director of the Hartford, CT branch of the CDC. Will brief the party on what they are being tested for and why.

“Basically, what we’ve been working on is preventative medicine as it was always imagined. We are uncovering genetic correlations to many previously ill-understood diseases such as Alzheimer’s, austism, and Langerhans cell histiocytosis. Further, children can be diagnosed from within the womb to have a wide range of mental and physical disabilities which previously would not have manifested until quite some time after birth.

Once our research started really gaining steam, the military became very interested and began aiding our funding, as we could be quite helpful in defending against bioterrorism. In particular, with the way the world is now…all this EGF nonsense going around…we’re starting to evaluate our defenses against biotechnology weapons. In particular – and I’m going to tell you all that I can with your level of clearance – we have reason to believe that new bio weaponry is being developed, but with very specific genetic targets…and there’s an outside chance you all fit a profile.”

Isaiah Pearson

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