Edward Magnus

brilliant scientist, disappeared mysteriously in early 2011


A brilliant Austrian scientist who headed the Human Genome Project with Francis S. Collins. Went missing before the project was completed. The nature of his disappearance is unknown. Popular speculations: kidnapped by EGF or similar organization, killed by an extremist who disagreed with the nature of his work…some conspiracy theories even posit that an unknown branch of the fbi took him out (crazy talk!)

uncle of Breanne Kopfschuss kopfschuss

has a home in westchester, ny

interspersed amongst his lab notes and personal journals were various paranoid ramblings. “when will my time come?” “will i be next?” “resistance is futile…or is it?” “i’ll be in good company anyhow…” “damned if i do, dead if i don’t…or the other way around?” “why me? why any of us? why must we be the guardians?” and repeated in his native tongue, “warum? warum zed?”

his private research, in conjunction with his work on the human genome project, is not made clear in his notes, which are somewhat incomplete as he never had a chance to finish his work. however, he alludes to “genetic candidates” and “genetic fingerprints” in his work which he deemed to be of some unsaid value. what he was clear on was what the genetic fingerprints of these candidates would look like…and guess who’s a match? going through the NGD files would reveal that the party members all are.

Edward Magnus

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