Olexandr Alimov

self proclaimed rogue EGF member


dirty blonde hair, long, pony tailed. greenish-brown eyes. seems to be in his mid 30s, early 40s. speaks with an accent, says he is from belarus. lives in a hatch. he has revealed himself to be a Fraal / Human hybrid.


nicknames: sash, sasha. in fact he prefers these now that he likes you.

contacted the group via email. he claims to be a former EGF member, gone rogue in order to rescue and protect his sons. his sons, Timur and Zakhar, were recently kidnapped by what can be assumed to be the same group of people who attacked the party’s CDC van. he claims that EGF’s master plans will involve destruction so widely scaled and so immense that his sons would surely be wiped out as a result of the damage (whether his sons would be killed as a direct result of a terrorist attack or whether they themselves are EGF and would be killed as POWs is unclear). he seems sincere in his belief that EGF will hit hard, as he is currently residing in a Keef-Safe apocalypse hatch (300 grayville rd, amston ct).

he dispatched the team to nyc to meet with a contact of his, named Inna (revealed to be his wife), who had been doing recon and thinks she has located a base of those who kidnapped Olexandr’s sons.

the family now lives together in two hatches (one for Olexandr, Inna, and Timur; one for the quarantined Zakhar.

Olexandr Alimov

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