Ray Pezcator

Homeless Crazy Prophet


Ray is a thirty something year old Native American. He is 5’4” tall and lithe. His body, when it can be seen under the straight-jacket and bondage pants, is thin but very muscular. Ray has straight, shoulder-length, raven black hair with eyes as black as a starless night.

Up until recently, Ray could be found at one of many different haunts throughout New York City. He lived on the street, spending his days as a wandering soothsayer. Sometimes he screamed prophecies of doom while other times he just spoke with himself. At night he lived where ever he could find a roof over his head.

Ray’s past ends there. His history both begins and ends in New York city. As an interesting side note, every time you Google Ray Pezcator it asks “Did you mean: Rey Pescador?”


Ray Pezcator

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