Timur and Zakhar


The two sons of Olexandr Alimov, found in the sub basement of the Boston shipping warehouse of Everyman Espresso. They appear to be in their late twenties.

They bicker often, and seem to have different points of view on life in general. They were named for their uncles, and often reference their uncles, suggesting that each boy personifies the individual they were named after quite well. Uncle Timur has been referenced to having died alone, weak, powerless, and sad, whereas Uncle Zakhar is said to have died in a blaze of glory, killed by his own closest friend.

Timur seems to be more clear headed and calm. He often chastises his brother for being too trigger happy and power hungry, favoring peaceful, well thought out resolutions to problems.

Zakhar is a man of action, wanting to shoot first and ask questions later. He is confident that he can handle whatever problems may arise by attacking the issue before it has a chance to get worse. He often mocks his brother for being weak and afraid.


Timur and Zakhar

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