Vivian Anderson

The minister and doctor responsible for the bodies and souls of the group


Rev. Vivian Eileen Anderson, M.D. was born in 1981 to Rev. Carl and Mrs. Ada Anderson, in Eureka, Oregon. Raised in the strong scholarly and religious atmosphere of the Lutheran faith, young Viv was an excellent student, and was active in the church choir and the model U.N. at her high school. She entered UCLA-Berkeley in 1998, graduating from the school’s pre-med program in 2001 with a B.S. in Psychology. She entered the University of San Diego’s medical school that year, and completed her medical degree in 2004. She finished her psychiatric and surgical residency in 2010. That year, she felt the calling to enter the ministry with her unique talents, and after graduating in 2011 from seminary training, she was hired by St. Luke’s Lutheran Church as their first ministerial counselor. She is responsible for encouraging the mental and physical health of the congregation, providing premarital counseling, and providing psychiatric counseling and medication to parishioners suffering from psychiatric maladies, in addition to occasionally delivering sermons on special topics. To maintain her medical license and provide services to the community, she works ten hours a week at St. Albans’ Hospital in the psychiatric ward, providing intake and emergency counseling.

In her very minimal spare time, Viv enjoys listening to and performing music, reading both secular and religious books, and advocating for strong mental health benefits for the poor and indigent. Her black tomcat, Lazybones, is the only man in her life. Although separated from her family, she still tries to find time to visit her mother and father in California, and has monthly dinners with her brother Rick and sister Judy in Boston.

Vivian Anderson

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