A mysterious terrorist organization, responsible for a series of small scale yet highly effective and public attacks started in August of 2008. They are known only by the initials that they leave behind at the scene.

8/11/09 – Z├╝rich Cantonal Bank, Switzerland. 1:53pm local, all security tapes and digital copies go down for nearly two minutes. There is no explanation why or how. During the period, no one notices anything strange occur within the bank. No money is stolen. No other electronics are affected. Upon slowing down the static left behind on the surveillance, every few seconds amongst the static three letters appear in view – EGF.

9/11/09 – The White House Rose Garden news conference. In the middle of the internationally televised moment of silence, everyone from cameramen to the president himself begin exhibiting effects of being treated by nerve gas. Before additional secret service agents can arrive, the effects cease. When the scene is cleared, empty gas containers are found amongst where the media crowd had been, labeled, “EGF – Never Forget”

12/10/09 – Jerusalem, Old City. About a week and a half after the Muslim holiday of Eid al-Adha, two days before Hanukkah, and two weeks before Christmas, simultaneous attacks were made to the holy sites of the Al-Aqsa Mosque, Western Wall, and Church of the Holy Sepulchre at 6am. Despite normally high security measures (even higher during the holy seasons), three suicide bombers managed to access the sites and detonate bombs at the same time. No details about the attacks are leaked from police or religious officials, however medical personnel and autopsy reports confirm that the three bombers all had the letters “EGF” tattooed on their chests. It is unknown whether this branding is normal for members of the organization, or was done specifically for this job.

Additional investigating revealed that many prayer papers slipped into the Western Wall contained phrases such as “EGF gave you god” and “EGF will take your god,” etc.

Different religious sects have had varying reactions to this. Because the attacks happened to three major religions together, they did not blame each other. Interestingly, despite the deaths caused and the blind, fearful hatred generated, this has brought the three religions together in a way never seen before. Certain outspoken atheists found this ironic and humorous, until some of the devoted began accusing EGF of being an atheistic organization and have called on atheists world wide to be considered as suspects. Other faithful believe this to be a sign of the coming End of Days (in particular, they noted the 3 attacks took place at 6am – 666). Certain fear mongering mediapersons have taken advantage of the story and have attached it to the coming date of 12/21/2012, despite it being nearly two years away and the event having virtually nothing to do with the ancient Mayans. Still, many religious remain moderate on the issue of blame.

4/18/10 – Google Headquarters (The Googleplex), Mountainview CA; Microsoft Headquarters, Redmond WA. Both servers are hacked and all searches in the google and bing search engines are redirected as if the searches had been “EGF is coming.” Servers were repaired within a few hours. The cause could not be identified.

Over the past year and a half, there have been several similar events, with their own mysterious origins and meanings, however information regarding said events has been quickly covered up and kept classified by international governing agencies. I will outline a few when I have a chance.


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