Everyman Espresso

Most of this information was found in decrypted hard drives, stolen from the Manhattan location and shipped away to a contact of Zeus’. Some files defied any codebreaking, other files literally destroyed themselves while trying to be cracked open.

Everyman Espresso was bought out in 2008 by Michael Greenleaf, a mathematician from Washington state transplant to NYC, who claimed it was the only place that really captured west coast coffee. He started to expand the business into more locations around the country and Canada, funded by a number of random financial backers who would seem to have no interest in a coffee company. Among them were NYC’s Massive Dynamic science and technology conglomerate, a random wire of money traced back to a “Mr. Abel MaGwitch” in Chicago, and Spenser Allied Corporation, a shady looking company based in Los Angeles.

It appears to be used as a business front for an underground scientific endeavor investigating EGF. “The Everymen” seem to know that EGF are, in fact, extra terrestrials. They refer to them by name only as EGF and do not appear to have an understanding of the full blood / half blood situation, however much of what they know matches what Sash has said about his people.

EGF and human DNA are relatively similar. On the outside, they seem a bit shorter than average, a bit frail, and generally have pointy ears, fair skin, and their eyes tend to be more almond-ovally.

EGF appear to possess powers which might be construed to be magic or psionic abilities. Abilities seem to vary from case to case.

Prisoners have been, generally, very unwilling to use their powers unless physically threatened and cornered.

When engaged in direct combat, however, EGF have proved themselves to be extremely well suited for close or ranged combat, resulting in numerous human deaths in return for very few captures. Combat is not recommended.

EGF appear to have cellular growth and degeneration reach a state of near equilibrium, preventing them from aging or causing them to age very slowly.

A compound was in development to slow cellular growth, thereby stimulating aging. It is known as “CR 4-81516-23 42.” This may be the best way to kill them, as it lets them die of natural causes. The compound is not perfected and ready to be field tested just yet. Oops! Looks like the group unleashed this one on the public, way to go guys.

A second compound, called “Veritas Novus,” was developed to help incapacitate the victims. Acting on their nervous systems in ways fatal to most humans, it severely disorients them, preventing them from using their powers, ensuring easy capture. This must be injected into the blood stream, and so wide scale application is not considered viable.

There appears to be evidence that they have been on Earth for a very long time, as the archaeology hard drive focuses on connecting dots between all sorts of ancient civilizations’ art to interpretations to do with extra terrestrials. Many conspiracy theories that you, the players, could find on a google search IRL appear somewhere in their research. Entries include accepted scientific interpretations as well as the most out there crazy theories. The scientists seem to believe that certain items were left behind to be used as weapons.

There are six main locations, the addresses of which had been found by Viktor originally. Now much more is known about them:

NYC is headed by William Bell, and focuses on psionics. Boston is headed by Walter Bishop, and focuses on biochemistry. Toronot is headed by Edward Magnus, and focuses on human genetics. Spokane, WA is headed by Michael Greenleaf, and focuses on coding and cryptography. Dallas Fortworth is headed by Thomas Smith, and focuses on ancient history and archaeology. Chicago is headed by Sanjay Raiuff, and focuses on xenobiology.

Each center seems to have one guy in charge who are, at least from the names you recognize, to be masters in their area of expertise. While you only have payroll information for NYC, you can assume if you want that the others operate in a similar fashion: it has a smaller staff of lesser knowns, each specializing in one of the above areas, to coordinate with the other centers. It appears that they live in their lairs fulltime. The center also has a rotating staff of 6 security guards. Every month there is a conference where they all get together for a weekend to discuss face to face all the issues they’re dealing with in their quest. It appears that when you hit the NYC and Boston locales, they were at this conference (and actually one had arrived back at Boston as you were leaving).

Everyman Espresso

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