living artifacts

A name to describe the artifacts bestowed upon the people of Earth by the Fraal. These appear to be objects – scepters, crowns, staffs, books, rings, swords, etc. – but are in fact somewhat biological, depending on your interpretation. Although they show no signs of growth or reproduction, they do respond to external stimuli and appear to have personalities of their own. Upon close inspection, they do appear to be made up of living, moving cells, although even advanced Fraal scientists do not fully understand how they operate – they were discovered during an archaeological dig on a planet once inhabited by a long extinct species. Some posit that the extinct species actually somehow conjured themselves into the artifacts.

Some artifacts seem to come alive when near their “friends.” A sword and shield may be more powerful when wielded together. Five Captain Planet rings are better than one. Etc.

Living artifacts have personalities which they impress upon their users. Some are kind, others evil, others neutral. But once you’ve met one, you are bound for life. It won’t want to let you go, and it will keep calling for you. Especially if it’s been lonely for a long time. It’s said that many artifacts out there are calling for anyone who can hear their voices…but most can’t.

Sash doesn’t know much about these. He suspects that religious icons like the holy grail, ark of the covenant, etc might be legitimate, but there’s no way of knowing without finding them.

One item he knows for sure exists, and he believes is on Earth, is the Book of Fates. A book which only the blind may read (“written” in a way that only a 6th sense developed by the blind can perceive), it contains a prophecy about the destruction of the Fraal. No living Fraal has actually read the book. Some think it is just a myth, others believe it is fate, still others believe it contains directions on how to destroy the race as a whole. Some of the elves, having studied human behavior, think that the book may be similar to the mayan prediction of 12/21/2012 – a misunderstood reference that still holds factual relevance. Sash isn’t sure, but he thinks that finding the book might be the key to solving earth’s problems.

living artifacts

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