On Psionics, or magic, or whatever you’d like to call it:

DNA and the central nervous system in living species can be thought of as similar to how computers work. When we speak, we are running a command prompt in our brain to speak, and so we do. Likewise for other actions. Sometimes our commands impact other objects in the real world – the prompt for throwing a ball physically moves another object. Why couldn’t we run a program that allows us to retrieve the ball, but without physically touching it? We are touching the air, which is just a very clear undense fluid, and the air is touching the ball…we should be able to act through the air to the ball. Unfortunately, most humans lack the software to do such a thing.

Fraals don’t. They are the Ars Technica God Box to our 2003 Dell Inspiron 5100. They can do many things that we’ve never dreamed possible, and it’s as easy as thinking about it – just like walking is essentially as easy as thinking about it.

All that one requires to do such fancy things are (1) the software and (2) the knowledge of how to run it.


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