Viktor Romani



Viktor Romani is a guitarist and singer of half Ukrainian back ground. He idolizes bands such as Man Man, Mad Juana, and Gogol Bordello. He spent his first 14 years as a member of the Romani until the death of his mother (His father was an outsider to the clan, merely traveling through) forced the Ukrainian services to ship him to his grandmother in Connecticut. He filed for emancipation at 16 and lived out a meager living until being put away for a year for the aggravated self defense [murder] of a cop, he was later acquitted of all charges whilst serving his parole.

Viktor enjoys loose women, drinking heavily, and loose women who drink heavily. He is a fan of stew, but despises mushrooms. he is an accomplished juggler, acrobat, and hypnotist, as well as tarot card reader and wood widdler. Viktor “does not trust” Cephalopods.

Viktor Romani

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