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11/08/09 – it’s come to my attention that certain tv shows and/or feature films that have either recently aired/premiered or will in the nearish future air/premier do in fact use some interesting plot devices and twists which i have already written into my own story, thereby making me seem unoriginal when i reveal them to you. balls.

basic setting:

December 2011. They’re at it again – it seems uncertain whether Senator Obama will defeat Senator Clinton to win the Democratic nomination again after his loss to incumbent President McCain in 2008. It is well known that national security was the reason for McCain’s victory then, and it seems he may retain the presidency due to it this year. In August 2008, a series of small scale but very noteworthy terrorist attacks were launched worldwide, some within our borders. Each was claimed by an unknown organization known only by its calling card left behind at each scene – the initials EGF. Their frequency was low at first, but has officially been slowing even further. However, there have been been numerous unexplained and largely undocumented – indeed, classified – events in the past few years which many speculate have been kept classified in order to deny the official involvement of EGF. Additionally, since the middle of last December there has been a spike in such activity.

In order to maintain a secure nation, what began with the Patriot Act has thus been continued under McCain. Today it takes much longer to obtain a passport or visa into this country or to visit another, and many jobs have taken to making more extended interviews and background checks than previously. Additionally, President McCain passed the Duty Act in late 2009 and the National Genetic Directive in early 2010.

COMING SOON: domestic and international economies, nations at war.

some other info:

I want to make this game as sandboxy as possible, so I don’t want to force you into thinking of any conventional party mechanics, nor do I want to force the game to progress in any particular direction. I have an overall story arc, and big things WILL happen, but I won’t decide what side of them you’re on. You will.

The point is, I want you to be a cohesive and useful unit, but I’ll let you decide what you all are. Also, if you want to know each other previously, fine. If not, then don’t. You’ll meet up in episode 1, I assure you. Just promise me that you live closer to Hartford CT than you do to Pittsburgh or D.C. and we’ll be fine.

SAMPLE PARTY SUGGESTIONS: (1) play Dethklok the band (2) the archetypal priest, nerd, and buddhist monk (3) a party of octogenarians (4) non english speakers (5) the guys from Queer Eye

Actually don’t do those. But seriously the point is I’m not going to assemble you as a special team for something unless you want to do that. So…you can be random dudes or you can be well organized. Shit is gonna happen either way.

You can expect at least a little bit of violence, a little bit of investigating, a little bit of traveling, a little of talking, at least one NPC shitting his pants, boobs somewhere, the fact that i’m setting this is 2012 may or may not be important, penis jokes, technology. You will not ever cast a spell.

And look, just figure…think about the title and what I’ve told you about the setting. Something’s gonna happen. Is it gonna be foretold and unforetold natural disasters? Nations destroying nations? The return of a Mayan god? Aliens? The work of Team Bonez? Is the mysterious terrorist organization I wrote so much about actually important or was I just wasting everyone’s time?

I’m going to paste in something that George said to Aaron because I like how he said it:

“I’m going to paste in something I said to Aaron because I like how I said it: If we decide you don’t have enough points? You have more points. One ability is broken? It costs more. Your character’s skill set doesn’t get used enough? Next adventure it does. Hopefully I won’t have to do much, but I do want the option. What I said about fourth edition D&D to (someone)—I don’t care if we have sock puppets and a note card. It’s still role-playing. It shouldn’t be a big deal. As it was with fourth, we’ll see what happens. Now, I do not know GURPS as well as I know some systems. And that’s true of most of the group. But I think GURPS has a lot of promise and if we can talk about what works and what doesn’t as a group, I think this can be a pretty successful game.”

*Because there’s no avoiding SOMEBODY trying to do it, I’ll just lay down the law now – this game takes place somewhere in the multiverse of our other games, but it is most certainly a reboot of the canon.

TNT and gay Tom O’Neill might have very well been FBI agents, but there being no Blue Rose Division to speak of it is unlikely that they ever met. Georgeternity never really happened. Magic and fantastic beasts are about as real as they are IRL. Of course some people believe in them. Do you?

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